ACT joins in to help #putthembackup

23 January 2017

This campaign has received overwhelming support across the country – and Canberra will also play its part in supporting it.

The image of these young girls is a wonderful example of multiculturalism at work. These girls are proudly Australian but also respectful of their heritage. They are a fine example of a 21st century Australia which should be celebrated and seen by as many people as possible.

As a proudly multicultural city, Canberra will show our support for both these girls, and the concept of multiculturalism, by using this image across Government assets in the lead up to Australia Day.

The ACT does not have billboards, but we have arranged to use the image this week across ACT Government screens and assets.

We are proud to play a role in supporting this campaign. The ACT Government will always support a multicultural Australia and we will always support people of all backgrounds in our city.