Canberrans don’t need assisted thinking

15 August 2018

The Federal Government must let Canberrans make our own laws about voluntary assisted dying.

The repeal of the Andrews Bill – which blocks both the ACT and Northern Territory in legislating on this topic - is the only way to restore the full democratic rights of residents in the ACT and NT.

Voluntary assisted dying is an incredibly difficult issue, and I respect the differing views held in the community.

ACT Government advertising about repealing Andrews Bill in the Canberra Centre.

But I refuse to accept that Canberrans should be stopped from discussing something that their friends and family in Melbourne or Queanbeyan can.

We are absolutely capable of having a mature and respectful conversation on this important issue,

That is why the ACT and NT Governments have joined forces to campaign for the rights of their residents.

A full page ad has appeared in The Australian aimed directly at Senators, with ads also appearing today on billboards, and in local magazines.

I have personally written to every Commonwealth Member and Senator urging them to restore the rights of their fellow Australians.

I have made it clear to MPs: voting for this Bill doesn’t mean there will be assisted dying in the ACT. It will simply give Territory residents the same right to decide on it as all other Australians.

The response to this joint campaign has been incredibly positive.

People realise this debate is about some Australians having lesser rights to conduct their own affairs.