Delivering on our promises

Delivering on our promises Main Image

By Andrew Barr

At the 2020 election, ACT Labor made a commitment to Canberrans to make the right investments, at the right time, to make our city even better.

In this year’s Budget, the ACT Government is continuing to deliver on those promises.

We promised to create and protect 250,000 local jobs by 2025. And that’s exactly what we have done – two years ahead of schedule.

We promised to hire more than 400 nurses and health professionals in this term of Government. And, through funding in this year’s Budget, we will deliver on this commitment.

We promised to provide free pre-school education to three year olds. And, again that’s exactly what we will do.  

We also promised to deliver a new North Gungahlin School and the Garden City Cycleway – projects that will be delivered through funding in this year’s Budget.

This year’s Budget delivers better healthcare, more housing, and cost of living relief to the Canberra community.

It includes the biggest housing investment in the Territory’s history – a $350 million housing package that delivers the housing that Canberrans need now and in the future.

The Budget delivers targeted cost of living support for the households who need our support the most.

And through this Budget, we will also complete and open the major expansion of the Canberra Hospital and take significant steps to commence construction on the New Northside Hospital.

It's a Budget that builds for the future and puts forward our vision for a city that is modern, liveable and inclusive.