Light rail driving economic growth

16 August 2017

Light rail stage 2 connecting Canberra’s CBD to Woden will build on the economic, social and environmental benefits being created with the on-schedule and on-budget delivery of stage 1.

Construction is already supporting thousands of jobs directly, with thousands more coming from the complementary investment occurring along the corridor.

Deloitte Access Economics, in its Investment Monitor, has specifically stated light rail as a major driver of economic growth in Canberra, and has now added stage 2 to its list of future projects, further boosting long-term economic confidence.

This confidence will be further boosted with bipartisan certainty in support of the project.

Light rail stage 2 will connect Canberra’s major population and employment precincts, integrate with other transport modes and stimulate urban renewal along its corridor and in Canberra’s town centres.

Through light rail, we are delivering a more efficient, reliable, community-focused public transport network.

Major infrastructure projects of this nature compete nationally and internationally for skills and resources.

Light rail projects are currently under construction or planned in five Australian cities. We must compete with these cities and attract the world’s best workers to Canberra to secure the best for our city.

Certainty is essential to commit the necessary skills and capital to the light rail stage 2 and other major infrastructure projects.

Any uncertainty about a lack of bipartisan support for major projects can significantly impact Canberra’s reputation as a global city.

Canberrans voted in support of light rail stage 2. Bipartisan support for major infrastructure projects is crucial for this city’s long-term economic future.