Maintaining leadership in renewables

01 November 2017

Significant jobs growth in Canberra’s renewables sector shows the ACT Government’s transition to a low-emissions economy is on track.

While the number of renewable energy jobs fell across Australia because of the Federal Government’s policy uncertainty, the number of renewable energy jobs in the ACT grew by 22 per cent between 2010 and 2016.

The ACT industry’s rapid growth is no accident. It has come about through deliberate, smart policies by the ACT Government, and the work of Invest Canberra and Visit Canberra in promoting Canberra to the world.

As a government, we understand and accept that we must act now to cut emissions and find cleaner ways to power our growth.

The costs of putting off action will only mean the adjustment will end up being sharper and more costly in the future.

That is why it has been so disappointing and irresponsible of the current Federal Government to delay and delay again on delivering a clear, long-term energy policy.

By contrast, the ACT Government is well on the way to delivering our ambitious emissions reduction and sustainability targets.

We have put in place supply contracts to see 100 per cent of the ACT’s energy provided by renewables by 2020, growing a new industry in the process.

Because of the investments we have already made and our clear policy direction, Canberra is now perfectly positioned to grow as a major knowledge and skills centre for the multi-billion dollar renewables industry.

Key renewable energy projects are now being driven from Canberra, while our knowledge sector continues to be an engine room for innovation and growth. This will underpin our continued national leadership.

We have an ever-increasing host of senior business leaders visiting Canberra to learn from our experience and to scope local investment opportunities.

They come here both because of the expertise we have garnered and the strong positive story we have to tell: the world can embrace renewable energy and capture huge economic advantages.

Our booming renewable energy economy is a great example of how smart and progressive policies can deliver economic benefits to Canberra, and bring the best and brightest talents to our city.