Making Canberra Australia’s inclusive city

21 September 2017

Everyone should have the opportunity to participate fully in the life of our city.

Age, gender, family background or sexuality should not be barriers to Canberrans achieving their full potential and I’m proud to lead a government that is working to make Canberra Australia’s most inclusive city.

Whether it is Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people maintaining their connection to country and culture; refugees finding a haven from trouble; people struggling with homelessness; gay, LGBTIQ kids discovering who they are, or older people wanting to stay connected, we say: the government is here for you.

We are providing more support for refugees and new migrants who are looking to enter the workforce. We are investing in homelessness and housing support services; and expanding community transport so older Canberrans can get out.

Chief Minister Andrew Barr campaigning for a Yes vote in the marriage equality postal survey.

We are supporting inclusion in education to meet the needs of students with disabilities in public schools, and ensuring Canberra schools are Safe Schools.

And during a divisive period in Australian history, we established the Office of LGBTIQ Affairs. Through the Office and to help LGBTIQ Canberrans, we have redirected $105,000 worth of funding to the LGBTIQ Community Consortium to provide additional counselling and support services over the next six months.

These support services and high visibility activities let LGBTIQ Canberrans know that they are not alone during this difficult and divisive time.

Genuine inclusion is not an afterthought for the ACT Labor Government, and unlike our Opposition, we look out for those who are not already privileged. Inclusion is at the centre of everything we do.