More jobs and real climate action

10 February 2021

Canberra has been powered by 100% renewable electricity for over a year but we’re not resting on that achievement.

We’re committed to meaningful climate action to make the ACT carbon neutral by 2045, and we are targeting our next big emitting sectors or transport and gas use, while helping households with the transition.

In this year’s ACT Budget, we’re investing in programs that make a difference to the power bills of Canberra households, while also creating new and secure jobs.

These programs include:

  • the Sustainable Household Scheme fund, which will offer zero-interest loans of up to $15,000 to help eligible households invest in rooftop solar panels, household battery storage, zero emission vehicles and efficient electric appliances;
  • the Big Canberra Battery, which will allow households to feed in excess generated energy, and improve grid stability;
  • waiving registration fees on zero emission registered vehicles for the first two years; and
  • efficiency upgrades for Canberra’s social and public houses.

All of these create jobs for Canberrans.

The suite of renewable policies took to the election and have now funded in this Budget, are expected to create an estimated 2,000 jobs in the ACT.

Creating sustainable new local jobs that will drive down emissions and reduce power bills is fundamental to our economic recovery.

This is a vision for the future of Canberra, the home of the jobs of the future, training our future leaders in renewable technologies.