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Overseas success for Canberra’s businesses

October 16, 2019

Canberrans know how great our local business are.

We attract the brightest minds to come and learn at our tertiary education institutions. More and more of these people are realising that Canberra is a great place to live and start a business.

We are also pretty lucky to have some the world’s best food and wine producers right here at our doorstep.

Our local businesses have a lot to offer to the rest of the world, and with our horizons now significantly expanded with the start of international flights from Canberra Airport, more and more local businesses are showing what they can do on the world stage.

A bigger export market from the ACT is creating more jobs for more Canberrans.  

Companies are increasingly staying in Canberra for our access to international markets, through the 14 international flights from Canberra each week.

These companies know the value of basing their company here in Canberra, with the family-friendly lifestyle that the ACT can offer to their employees, while still having access to international markets to help their business grow.

Helping Canberra's businesses grow

The ACT Government is working with Canberra Airport, Singapore Airlines and Qatar Airways to help local businesses have better access to opportunities overseas.

We’re also working with Austrade to help Canberra’s businesses flourish overseas.

For example, there is now a dedicated ACT Business Development Manager based in Singapore to help our companies thrive in Singapore.

International connections are also helping local businesses that don’t export.

The ACT had more international visitors in the past year than ever before. Bars, hotels, restaurants and other businesses are the winners.

These visitors are also spending more while in Canberra, helping our businesses create jobs for Canberrans.


How exports impact Canberrans

Canberra’s businesses are confident about their future and they are expanding into new markets.

The ACT has Australia’s lowest unemployment rate and this is because businesses have the confidence to hire more people. There’s even been a huge rise in the number of jobs being advertised as businesses look to expand.

Despite the stereotypes, more people in Canberra work for the private sector than the public sector.

As our private sector diversifies into new areas, we’ll be better protected for when the next Liberal Prime Minister cuts Canberra’s federal public service.

I’m proud our companies are taking world class products and services across the world; it reflects well on them and it makes the Canberra we all love even better.