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Protecting Canberra’s high-quality services

November 05, 2019

The biggest risk to the public delivery of high-quality public services is a government with a need to pay for tax cuts to the banks, multinationals and other large corporations through a privatisation agenda and by cutting jobs

Conservative Governments across the country have form.

They have form Conservative Governments across the country have form. in regard to public services, and then cutting public services as soon as they get into office.

We are seeing this right now in South Australia, and Canberrans are all too aware of this trend having lived through Abbott, Turnbull and Morrison Governments.

That’s the Liberal Party’s reason for existence – to reduce the size of Government and letting only those that can afford it to access the healthcare, the education and the transport services they need.

It’s in the DNA of conservative Liberal parties and we here in the ACT have the most conservative branch of the Liberal party in this country.

ACT Labor guarantees high quality services

ACT Labor believes that when it’s a choice between tax cuts for large corporations or hiring more nurses and teachers to deliver services to all Canberrans, then we will always side with those workers and we will always provide the services Canberrans expect as our city grows.