Canberra’s light rail network

Canberra’s light rail network Main Image

Light rail is changing how we move around Canberra.

We are planning, designing, constructing and operating Canberra’s public transport network to ensure we remain one of the world’s most livable cities.

We have a vision for this city and a plan to deliver a light rail network designed for Canberrans.

ACT Labor took Canberra’s light rail network to two elections and Canberrans voted to build light rail. We have led the debate on light rail in Canberra for years because we believe in a great, accessible public transport network to keep Canberra moving as our city grows.

Our city is growing and that’s why we are building a better transport network to keep Canberra moving.

ACT Labor will continue with our commitment to:

  • Building light rail stage 2a, from Civic to Commonwealth Park, and then stage 2b, linking through the Parliamentary Triangle to Woden
  • Delivering a stage of light rail every decade;
  • Supporting thousands of Canberra jobs through the construction of each stage of light rail
  • Developing Canberra’s growth around major transport corridors, including the light rail network.

Light rail stage 1 – Gungahlin to Civic

We promised, and we delivered.

Stage 1 is a continuing success, connecting Gungahlin to Civic, to deliver high quality, reliable and frequent public transport along one of Canberra’s busiest routes.

User numbers easily surpassed the 2021 targets, with up to 15,000 passengers using light rail every day.

It was also by far the biggest construction project the ACT Government has ever completed.

The success of light rail stage 1 demonstrates ACT Labor’s expertise and ability to deliver the big infrastructure that will help all Canberrans get around the city they love.

Light rail stage 2 – Civic to Woden

Stage 2 will connect Civic to Woden, through the Parliamentary Triangle. This will create a north-south spine for our city, bringing the benefits of light rail south of Lake Burley Griffin.

We’re getting on with the job of extending light rail south to Woden, supporting 6000 jobs for Canberrans.

Stage 2A will extend light rail to Commonwealth Park.

The project includes:

  • 3 new stations, with stops at City West, City South and Commonwealth Park
  • 4 new light rail vehicles
  • power supply and transmission, with 100% renewable energy being used to power operations.
  • traffic signalling, road improvements and tree plantings

Stage 2B will connect Commonwealth Park to Woden, going across Lake Burley Griffin, and through the Parliamentary Triangle.

Once complete, light rail stage 2 will connect Canberrans to 50 hotels, 5 education institutions, 10 retail and entertainment precincts, 11 cultural institutions and 20 employment centres across our city.

Canberra’s light rail network is a fantastic catalyst for urban renewal and it will bring new life to Canberra’s south. Major developments are already starting because of the expected demand coming from light rail.

Labor’s vision for a full light rail network

ACT Labor is committed to ongoing investment in our public transport network including light rail for Canberra.

Light rail will connect all major town centres and employment hubs across our city, reducing congestion and helping people get around our city.

The full light rail network will include:

  • Stage 1 – Gungahlin to Civic (completed)
  • Stage 2 – Civic to Woden (underway)
  • Stage 3 – Belconnen to Civic, then onwards to the Airport via the Russel precinct
  • Stage 4 – Woden to Tuggeranong Centre via Mawson

You can find more information about the ACT Labor Government’s plan for light rail here.