Climate Change Leadership

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The ACT was the first place in Australia to reach 100% renewable energy.

ACT Labor knows that climate change is real and that we need to invest now to deliver a more sustainable future. 

ACT Labor has a vision for the future of Canberra, where more of us work in fields that reduce carbon emissions and fight climate change, at the local, national and international level.

We have a track record of creating new, sustainable green jobs for Canberrans.

We don’t just talk about climate change, we tackle it – that’s why we made sure Canberra became the first city outside Europe, and the 8th in the world to be powered by 100% renewable electricity.

We have done this by:

  • working with industry to build 192 wind turbines and 179,340 solar panels
  • locking in the lowest possible renewable energy prices for the future
  • developing whole new industries, creating hundreds of local jobs in the renewable energy sector

ACT Labor’s climate strategy

We punch above our weight when it comes to fighting climate change. That’s why we’re not stopping at our 100% renewable energy target.

ACT Labor has legislated to commit the ACT to zero net emissions by 2045.

We have a plan for over 2,000 jobs in clean technology development, environmental conservation and delivery of sustainable improvements.

ACT Labor will protect our natural environment as our city grows. By listening to experts, we have improved our parks and reserves, to protect and create new natural spaces for Canberrans to enjoy.

Transport is a key part of the climate change mix

Canberrans are still heavily dependent on cars.

We’ll help Canberrans make the switch to clean and efficient cars as the technology becomes more affordable.

  • ACT Labor will continue to heavily invest in public transport by completing our city-wide light rail network.
  • ACT Labor is committed to transitioning all buses to electric buses by 2040.
  • ACT Labor will roll out charging stations for electric vehicles across Canberra.

Find out more about how ACT Labor is taking real climate action here.