COVID-19 and our Economic Recovery

COVID-19 and our Economic Recovery  Main Image

Despite the bushfires, storms and COVID-19 pandemic, the ACT still has the strongest labour market and lowest unemployment rate in the nation.

When our city faced the COVID-19 pandemic, the ACT Government stood up and dedicated hundreds of millions of dollars to support workers, households and businesses.

We made sure our health system was ready for whatever lies ahead, and we created new jobs in the ACT public service to support Canberrans that were left behind by JobKeeper.

We know the pandemic isn’t over. We are working every day to protect the health and livelihoods of our community.

We will be maintaining our public health response, providing Canberrans with a trusted source of health information, delivering a community-wide booster program and responding to the health needs of those affected by the virus.

ACT Labor’s Jobs & Economic Recovery Plan

ACT Labor is committed to delivering a strong economic recovery plan that focused on creating and protecting good local jobs as we absorb the longer term and cumulative impacts of COVID-19.  

This has been a priority of the ACT Labor team in the Assembly, and we will continue our focus on creating jobs in the ACT as we work towards creating and protecting 250,000 local jobs by 2025.

We will deliver on this target by continuing to support a strong public service in the ACT Government. ACT Labor has made a guarantee to grow the ACT public service at the 2020 ACT election, ensuring that we provide the quality services that Canberrans rely on.

We will also create and protect local jobs through the delivery of our $6.4 billion infrastructure pipeline.

Now is the time for the us to put the steps in place to design and construct the infrastructure our growing city needs. This includes new and renewed facilities in our public healthcare, in our public education system, in our transport network, our city services and our arts and entertainment precincts.

We want Canberra to be a true, modern 21st-century city, with great infrastructure. Over the coming years, the Government will be working on both the delivery of the infrastructure priorities we have already outlined, but also what comes next in our infrastructure plan. 

And it will be infrastructure that is built for Canberra; built to support the city Canberrans want.