Our History of Achievements

Labor has lead Australia's most progressive government for over 20 years. We've lead the nation on social and economic policy and helped shape ACT as one of the most liveable cities in the world. Check out some of our most notable reforms below.

  • International flights return to Canberra 2023 July 21
    Direct flights between Canberra and Fiji, connecting Canberra onward to the US.
  • 106 new electric busses 2023 May 30
    Secured the future electrification of our city’s public transport network.
  • Australia's first electric fire truck 2023 May 30
    In an Australian first, the ACT Emergency Services Agency welcomed the first plug-in hybrid electric heavy vehicle to the ACT Fire & Rescue fleet, described as the most modern firefighting vehicle in the world.
  • Public Medical Imaging service opens in Weston Creek 2023 May
    Providing Canberrans with more options to access free healthcare services closer to home.
  • A new northside hospital announced 2023 May
    ACT Labor announced we will deliver on our commitment to build a new Northside hospital with construction to start mid decade.
  • Opened the Salthouse Community Centre in Haig Park 2023 May
  • Record year at the National Multicultural Festival 2023 April 20
    380,563 attendees boost the ACT economy by $20.8 million.
  • Free abortions for Canberrans 2023 April 20
    Because the right to choose shouldn't depend on the ability to pay.
  • Canberra's biggest renewable energy storage battery locked in 2023 April
    Growing jobs in our renewable energy sector, creating a meaningful revenue stream for the Territory and improving energy security for Canberrans
  • Supporting more women in trades 2023 March
    Set gender targets for Government backed construction projects.
  • Expanded portable long service leave 2023 March
    Providing more workers with fair and equitable access to long service leave entitlements.
  • New dedicated unit for Early Pregnancy Service 2023 March
    More dedicated support for Canberrans experiencing early pregnancy loss.
  • Opened Evelyn Scott high school campus in Denman Prospect 2023 January 30
  • Canberra's first electric bus 2023 January 25
    The ACT’s first permanent electric bus hit the road, the first of over 100 as we transition to a zero emissions fleet.
  • Australia's largest e-scooter network 2022 December 8
    The ACT's e-scooter scheme brings sustainable, convenient travel to the whole of Canberra. It is Australia’s largest shared e-scooter city – covering more than 132 square kilometres.
  • Record year for ACT Tourism 2022
    $3.03 billion, the highest ever visitor expenditure in a twelve-month period in the ACT.
  • Restored territory rights 2022 December 2
    ACT Labor restored our Territories' democratic rights in Federal parliament.
  • More affordable and social housing with Common Ground Dickson 2022 October
    Delivered 40 homes to provide long-term, supportive housing for individuals and families experiencing or at risk of experiencing homelessness and including affordable housing for low income Canberrans.
  • Expanded services at our nurse-led clinics 2022 September
    Expanded walk-in clinics services to treat 1 year olds.
  • Expanded the Education Equity Fund 2022 August 1
    Increased funding to support disadvantaged families in local schools with their educational expenses.
  • Australia's first fixed site drug checking service 2022 July 19
    Opened Australia's first fixed site drug checking facility, because drug usage is a health issue first not a criminal one. Read more here.
  • Banned more single-use plastic 2022 July 1
    Banned plastic straws, cotton buds with plastic sticks and oxo-degradable plastics.
  • ACT passes affirmative consent laws 2022 May 5
    Making it clear that consent needs to be sought and given.
  • Built a new primary school in Throsby 2022 January 31
  • World leading COVID-19 vaccination rates 2021 November
    Ran an effective COVID-19 vaccination program to protect Canberrans and see the territory become one of the most vaccinated cities in the world.
  • Opened the Namarag nature reserve in the Molonglo River Reserve 2021 November
    A 35-hectare nature space within the Molonglo River Reserve where Canberrans can walk, ride, and learn about Ngunnawal culture.
  • Birth certificate changes for adoptees 2021 October
    Gave Canberrans the option to include both their biological and adoptive parents on their birth certificates.
  • Delivered Australia’s first Wellbeing Budget 2021 October 6
    The first jurisdiction in Australia to embed a Wellbeing Framework in our Budget process - and one of the first in the world.
  • Recognising early pregnancy loss 2021 October
    Began offering an early pregnancy loss certificate to recognise those who have lost a baby before 20 weeks gestation where a birth certificate is not available.
  • Established industrial manslaughter as an offence 2021 August
    Established industrial manslaughter as an offence under ACT work health and safety laws to provide a strong deterrent against unsafe work practices.
  • Banned harmful single-use plastics 2021 July
    Banned single-use plastic cutlery, plastic stirrers, and polystyrene takeaway containers.
  • Banned gay conversion therapy 2021 March
  • Opened Evelyn Scott primary school in Denman Prospect 2021 February 1
  • Beat national 40% emissions target 2020 December
    Beat national 40% emissions reduction target on 1990 levels.
  • Built stage 1 of the Belco Bikeway 2020 November
    Delivered a network that makes it easier for people to get around the Belconnen Town Centre, providing better links to the surrounding suburbs.
  • Directly employed school cleaners 2020 February
    Directly employed public school cleaners under the ACT Government instead of outsourcing contracts, improving stability, wages, and employment conditions for vulnerable workers in our community.
  • Decriminalised personal cannabis use 2020 January
    Leading the way on recreational drug reform by decriminalising personal cannabis use, becoming the first Australian jurisdiction to do so.
  • Reached 100% renewable energy 2020 January
    ACT reached 100% renewable energy, the first jurisdiction in Australia and 8th in the world.
  • Built Canberra's light rail (stage 1) 2019 April
    Delivered light rail, connecting Canberra's northern suburbs in Gungahlin with the city's centre.
  • Hosted Australia's first pill testing trial 2019 April
    Successfully trialled a pill testing model at Groovin the Moo festivals to test illicit recreational drugs for dangerous substances.
  • State wide recycling 2018 June
    Launched the ACT container deposit scheme, improving our waste system, earning 10 cent refunds for Canberrans.
  • Declared a climate emergency 2018 May
    First Australian territory or state to declare a climate emergency.
  • Greens bins across Canberra 2018 April
    Rolled out green bins across every Canberra suburb, improving our organic waste management.
  • Opened Canberra's first zero-emissions school 2018 January 3
    Opened Margaret Hendry School in Taylor, which will produce no emissions on a daily basis.
  • Tourism milestone 2018 October
    Canberra ranked in the top 3 Best Cities to Visit in 2018 by Lonely Planet.
  • Zero net emissions by 2045 2018 August
    Legislated to commit the ACT to zero net emissions by 2045.
  • Opened a new public hospital 2018 June
    Opened the new University of Canberra Hospital, delivering specialised care for people recovering from surgery, illness or injury, or experiencing mental illness.
  • Banned greyhound racing 2018 April
  • Laptops for every public high school and college student 2018 February
    A nation-leading investment in digital education providing public school students with equitable access to the tools they need for learning. Read more here.
  • Small business growth 2018
    ACT’s small businesses recorded the highest percentage growth in jobs in Australia.
  • Criminalised drink/food spiking 2017 September
    Criminalised drink or food spiking in Canberra with penalties of up to 5 years’ imprisonment and fines up to $75,000.
  • The first parliament in Australia to elect a majority of women 2016
  • Banned intensive breeding to protect animal rights 2015
    Banned Intensive breeding of dogs and cats for sale as pets and introduced a Code of Practice and a 'breeders licence' system.
  • First openly LGBTI head of government 2014 December
    Canberra elected our first openly LGBTQI head of government in Australia.
  • Free wifi 2014 January
    Launched and rolled out free WiFi across Canberra, now Australia's biggest free public Wi-Fi network.
  • Built the National Arboretum 2013 February
    Built the National Arboretum, one of the world’s largest living collections of rare, endangered and significant trees.
  • Canberra's first prison 2008 Setpember
    Opened the Alexander Maconochie Centre, the first prison in Australia that was purpose built to meet human rights obligations. The centre’s environmental initiatives include below ground fresh water storage, grey water recycling for toilet flushing and irrigation, solar hot water and high grade building insulation.
  • Decriminalised abortion 2002
    The first jurisdiction in Australia to do so.
  • Commissioner for the Environment 1993 January
    Established Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment, an independent statutory position.
  • Banned circus animals 1992
    Banned exotic animals from performing in circuses (first and still the only state or territory in Australia to do so).
  • First female Head of Parliament 1989 April
    Rosemary Follet was the first woman to be elected as a Head of Parliament in any state or territory in Australia.