Labor’s Job Guarantee for Canberra

Labor’s Job Guarantee for Canberra Main Image

Labor’s message to Canberrans is simple: our focus is and will be to protect and create local, secure jobs.

We have a comprehensive plan to grow Canberra’s employment base to more than 250,000 local jobs by 2025.

We know that a secure, well-paid job is about more than putting food on the table or paying the rent or mortgage. It provides meaning, structure, connection and opportunity in people’s lives.

We guarantee that as our city grows, we will employ more people to deliver the public services that Canberrans need.

An ACT Labor Government will always invest in our public service workforce. ACT Labor won’t let services fall behind by cutting the essential workers who deliver them.

This includes better healthcare in our suburbs, more public schools, a bigger public transport network and the city services required to keep the Canberra we love.

ACT Labor guarantees to:

  • employ more teachers
  • build more public schools
  • employ more nurses and allied health professionals
  • provide more healthcare services across our city
  • employ more transport drivers
  • employ more city rangers to keep our city tidy
  • keep the Canberra Institute of Technology in public hands; and
  • keep public transport in public hands.

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